“The subject of masculinity is a very thoroughly explored concept in the world of dance but rarely is it articulated as compellingly as in Protocol Dance Company’s Manhood. The strength and conviction of the performance renders it extremely powerful…”
Miriam Garnett review (Resolution 2015 at The Place)

“There were powerful ideas at play and a strong sense of harnessing the physical for the political…”
London Dance (Breakin Convention, Sadler’s Wells)

“Protocol Dance Company, that stole the show with their mixture of dance and thought provoking theatre. It’s good to see artists out there like Protocol saying things about the world we live in today and getting us to engage, particularly as our mainstream media is not…”
Just A Platform (Breakin’ Convention, Sadler’s Wells).

“This is incredibly poignant and goes to show the powerlessness certain citizens are faced with today. This show is a diamond in the rough…”
Theatre Full Stop (Wilderness Festival)

Co-founder Lanre Malaolu chosen for Old Vic Theatre’s emerging talent scheme: CLICK HERE