Arts Council Success!!

Co-artistic director Lanre Malaolu’s Arts Council bid a success!!

Lanre recently sent off a Grants for the Arts application to fund a two-week Research and Development process on dance-theatre piece ‘I Can’t Breathe’ (working title). To explore ideas in more depth and take the next steps in building it into a full-length production. We’re over the moon that it was accepted and will be in R&D mode February 2017.

“I Can’t Breathe” takes an in-depth and uncompromising look at racism in our society. From the epidemic of black killings by police officers in America to the reality of being a young black man living in London… the piece explores the causes of institutional racism, and the effects it has on our society, relationships and our minds.

Many thanks to Ruby Baker and East London Dance for their support during the application process, and the ACE for their generous contribution.

Stay tuned…